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Building Permit Requirements

Do you need an Asbestos Survey for a Building Permit, Construction Permit, or Occupancy Permit? 

Tri-D Services, Inc. offers rapid turnaround for your asbestos survey needs.  Typically, we are available for same day service.  A standard survey report will include a written report, summary table, drawings, analytical results, and copies of accreditations and licenses.

Why do you need an asbestos survey?  The municipalities in Texas require that an asbestos survey be conducted as part of their permit process.  An asbestos survey is required by Federal law prior to disturbance of any building materials as part of a renovation or demolition.  You may be gutting your entire space, or removing a door opening or single wall.  The asbestos survey can be catered to your needs.

What is the cost of an asbestos survey?  Costs vary depending on individual needs and the overall magnitude of the survey.  Our survey costs are typically based on the number of samples.  The State of Texas requires that three samples be collected of each different type of material that is suspected of containing asbestos.  In certain instances due to the permit situation, no samples are required.  Please call us at 281-955-9990 for a cost estimate.  We are available 24/7.

Please see some of our sample reports below:

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