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Asbestos Overview

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral silicate of six distinct types.  Amosite, chrysotile, and crocidolite are the three most common types that have been used extensively in building materials and products for at least the last century.  Asbestos has unusual properties that have made it useful in a wide variety of products.  These properties include: noncombustible, high tensile strength, good noise absorption, thermal insulator, control condensation, resistant to the effects of corrosive chemicals, and resistant to the effects of friction.  Whether it is an industrial facility, commercial office/retail building, school, or residence, asbestos could be in a number of different building products.

Asbestos is a mineral rock mined in much the same way as other minerals like iron or lead.  The health threat is created by its fibrous nature – when crushed, asbestos divides into millions of extremely fine fibers, microscopic fibers.  These fine fibers settle from the air very slowly.

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