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Asbestos Inspections & Surveys

Asbestos Inspections/Surveys are required to be conducted prior to renovation activities or demolition of a building.  Whether the building was constructed in 1905 or 2005, an asbestos survey is required to identify suspect asbestos containing building materials (ACBM).  Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requires that a minimum of three samples be collected of each suspect ACBM.  The City of Houston and other Texas municipalities will typically require evidence of an asbestos survey prior to issuance of the building permit .

Tri-D Services, Inc. (TDS) can provide an asbestos survey to fit your demands at a competitive cost.  TDS has a rapid response to your needs and maintains the highest quality.  Below is a description of what a typical asbestos survey will include:

Field Investigation:

  • Review of available building plans;

  • Identification of suspect ACBMs;

  • Determine the location and estimated quantities of suspect ACBMs;

  • Document the condition of the suspected ACBMs;

  • Document the potential for disturbance of the suspected ACBMs;

  • Collection and analysis of bulk samples of suspect ACBMs from the building structures; and Document the sample locations on floor plan drawings.

Report Preparation:

  • Written narrative describing the location and condition of the ACBMs;

  • Tables summarizing the suspect, confirmed, and assumed ACBMs with the analytical results;

  • Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) noting the locations of samples collected and identified and assumed ACBMs;

  • Original laboratory results; and

  • Personnel and Laboratory Credentials and Licenses.

Please see some of our sample reports below:

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